Orbi app

Netgear Orbi App is the most excellent and simple solution through which one can set up their Netgear Orbi Router without any difficulty.

You can easily set up your Netgear router only within a few steps- the only thing you have to do is connect your mobile device to the orbi app, and thus, the application itself takes you to the rest of the procedure.

features of Orbi application

Advanced features of Orbi application

The most advanced features contained by the Netgear orbi aap are:-

  • Smart parental control is the best feature of the orbi app, which allows you to manage your home network. Moreover, the parents can set the time limit and filter content for each connected device.

  • Within one tap, you can check the status of your network; notification alerts as well can view all the features of your router.

  • Using the orbi app, you can quickly check down the list of all the devices connected and may be able to pause the internet connection as per your choice.

  • Checking down the internet broadband speed coming from your ISP (internet service provider) is another helpful feature of the Orbi application.

Besides that, if the user wants to update the orbi router firmware by using the Orbi application, then keep reading this article.

Steps To Update Orbi Firmware through orbi app

The below section will discuss how one can check for the new firmware update and the steps to update. The following guidelines are:-

  1. The main job is to make a reliable connection to connect your mobile phones to your orbilogin router’s Wi-Fi network.

  2. Open the Orbi application.

  3. Enter the router’s admin password. After mentioning the password for your router, click on the Sign-in button.

  4. Tap on the given Menu icon present in the top-most left corner.

  5. Go to the settings option and under this, click on the router setting option.

  6. Scroll down the bar and check for the new updates. If any of the firmware updates are available, then download the respective firmware file to proceed.

Fortunately, you need to follow the on-screen instructions to complete the firmware update procedure.

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