As we know that, the Netgear Orbi router is specially designed to deliver a strong and reliable internet connection at each corner of the home. Fortunately, your Orbi router constantly shows purple light.

Well, this is the most common error experienced by Orbi users. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about this issue, you can easily fix the Netgear Orbi flashing purple light with troubleshooting steps.

Here, in this article, we explained all the possible solutions to get rid of the Orbi solid magenta light.

Feasible reasons for Orbi Solid Magenta Light

Before you start the process of how to fix the Orbi purple light issue, you should know all the possible reasons for orbi blinking purple light. Let’s see these reasons below:

Orbi purple light issue
  • Maybe there is a network issue.
  • The Orbi satellite fails to sync with the Orbi router.
  • Might the RJ45 Ethernet cable is not properly connected to the Orbi router.
  • Sometimes Orbi flashing magenta or purple light due to an internet connection error from the ISP’s side.
  • Possibly there is some diagnosing processes on the Orbi router.
  • Likely, fiber cable is worn out.
  • An inactive wifi network or more extended hours of inactivity may also cause the Orbi router to flash purple light.
  • If there are any changes in the Orbi router setup, that’s why orbi solid magenta showing.
  • Maybe the Orbi router’s firmware is outdated, corrupted, or crashed.
  • Malware and viruses can also include within your Orbi wifi system, which shows magenta light.
  • Seeming your Netgear Orbi router has some defect.

How to fix orbi purple light

Let’s check the few troubleshooting steps to fix the purple or magenta Light on the Netgear Orbi router.

  • Make sure the cable connections are not loose.
  • Accurately sync your Orbi router with the Orbi satellite.
  • Put the Orbi router near the Orbi satellite.
  • If, after attaching all the cable connections properly, you still see Orbi flashing purple light, then power off the Orbi router and disconnect all the cables. After a few minutes, turn on your Orbi router and connect all the cables again.
  • Check that adapter is attached to your Orbi Wifi router properly.
  • Ensure that the RJ45 Ethernet cable is tightly connected to the router’s port.
  • Be sure that the cat5e wire connects to the modem with the Orbi router.
  • Upgrade your Orbi router’s firmware via the orbilogin web address.
  • In case, if the Orbi router still flashing purple light, disconnect all cables and turn off your Netgear Orbi router for a few seconds.
  • After this, power on the Netgear Orbi router or modem again. Let them reboot properly.

That’s it, this is how you can fix the orbi solid magenta issue.

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