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I have a Netgear Orbi router at my home. It has been a great working experience for a few days. However, after a few days of setup, the blue LED light on the router won’t turn off. It makes me a nuisance, especially at night because it’s in my bedroom! Can you help me to fix the Orbi blue light issue?

This question is asked by one of the Netgear Orbi router users. Many users also face this issue. So we have decided to explain the best possible solution to fix this blue Orbi light issue. Let’s see the solution to fix it.

How’s to fix the Orbi Blue Light issue 

Power cycle Your Orbi router

Orbi Blue Light issue

The very first step is to power cycle your Netgear Orbi router to get rid of the Orbi blue light error. Sometimes power cycle helps in solving various technical issues. You can go with the following steps to the power cycle.

  • First, turn off your Orbi router as well as satellite.
  • Unplug both devices from the wall outlet.
  • Leave the devices without power for a few seconds.
  • After, plug them back into the wall outlet.
  • One by one, turn on both devices.
  • Then, check whether the Orbi blue light is turned off or not.

Verify the device cable : A loose cable can make the entire network unstable and unusable, sometimes resulting in the blue light always being on. It is pretty easy to check the real reason behind the problem. Make sure to check both ends of the cable are connected properly.

Update Orbi Firmware

Steps to update the Netgear orbilogin.net firmware

Outdated firmware can also be the reason for the orbi flashing blue issue. To fix this error, you need to update the firmware of your Orbi router and satellite. Here’s how to update the firmware.

  • By using the origin web address, log in to your Orbi router.
  • Move to Settings>Router Settings.
  • Here a list of options will open.
  • Find and click the ‘Check for Updates option.
  • If you have a notification for a new firmware update for your Orbi router, then click the Update firmware.
  • After that, go with the On-screen instructions and update the Orbi Firmware.
  • With the same process, you can also update the firmware of your Orbi satellite.

Reset and Reconfiguration router

Restart the whole Orbi network

If the above steps fail to fix the orbi flashing blue light issue, then last steps is to reset your router to the default factory settings. May be your Orbi router is not properly configured that’s why the Blue Orbi Light is not turning off. Let’s see the reset process.

  • Be sure your Orbi router is plugged into a working outlet.
  • Then, check the reset button of your Orbi router.
  • Get a sharp needle or clip and press the Reset button.
  • Once your Orbi router starts blinking amber, release the reset button.
  • That’s all the reset process of the Orbi router is completed.

Once the reset is done, you have to set up your Orbi router once again. After reconfiguration, you will no more be troubled by the Orbi blue light issue. In case, you are still getting the same error, ask our technical team to help you out with this issue.

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