Netgear Router login

Netgear routerlogin router provides the facility to its users to connect with the internet. Netgear allows you to set up and secures your wireless network. It is the most suitable way to connect with the internet. It facilitates a great range of networks without facing any trouble. Moreover, if you are planning to set up the Netgear device then you will have to complete the login for it.

Use the following steps to Netgear Router setup

  1. Try to connect your device using an Ethernet cable.
  2. In the next step open a browser available in your connected device.
  3. Visit the and then, you will able to see the login page.
  4. Enter your Netgear router username and password.
  5. Enter the default login credentials i.e. username as admin and password as password.

Fortunately, you will be successful to perform the Netgear router setup.

steps to Netgear Router setup


To configure, it requires some quick and easy steps to complete the Netgear using the default details.

  1. Initially, connect the router and modem accurately.
  2. Open your web browser to access the internet.
  3. Type the and enter the default details.
  4. In case if you receive an error while attempting to access the then first ensure that you are using the proper web address, username and password.

Web address :

User Name   :   admin

password      :    password

If you still facing the same error then try to clear your Internet browser cache, after that reboot it and sign in again.

Note: Ensure you are using your Netgear router internet connection to access the Netgear router login page.

If the above method will not able to resolve your Netgear router login access problem, perform a factory reset of the router.

  • After factory reset, go to advanced setting. Click to the setup wizard.
  • Now, the setup wizard will detect the internet connection for your system.
  • Therefore, the Netgear router installation page will appear on your window screen. So, this is how you can configure the Netgear router with the help of a smart wizard.

Netgear Reset Username and Password

After buying a new Netgear router, another step is to configure the default setting. On the other side, to improve the security of your network, the user should reset the default password. In recent times all of the users are concerned about network security so by using, one can change the default password. Follow the steps to reset the login details.

  • Formerly, launch a web browser on your computer.
  • After that, you need to login setup page of the router by accessing the web address, username, and password of the Netgear router.
  • Now, the basic home page displays.
  • Select Advanced>Administration>set password option.
  • Enter the old password and type the new password twice.
  • To get back your password in the future, select Enabled Password Recovery.

In the last step click on the Apply option.

Netgear Troubleshooting

Is your Netgear not working? No need to worry, here we will guide the basic steps, through which you will able to tackle the issue.

Netgear Troubleshooting
  • Make sure you use the correct web address, user name along with its password.
  • Restart your Netgear router and computer, and wait for a minute till rebooting.
  • Connect your Ethernet cable to any of the router internet ports.
  • Turn on the router power from the back and wait until the power light becomes green in color.
  • Access a web browser and type the web address of the router. Press the enter key from the keyboard.
  • After that, be ready to enter a password and username.
  • If you still having an issue then try to access the Netgear router login page by using the IP address instead of a web address. The IP address is